Our delicious donut flavors rotate, with approximately 20 options available to choose from at the start of each day. For the best donut flavor selection please visit us before noon.

Each store closes daily when the last donut is sold, so please plan your visit accordingly to avoid disappointment.

Maine Potato Donuts Flavors

icon-pure-vanilla-glaze  Pure Vanilla Glaze

icon-maple  Maple

icon-pomegranate  Pomegranate

icon-fresh-lemon Fresh Lemon (hand squeezed and zested lemon)

icon-chai-glazedChai Glazed

icon-allens-coffee-brandy Allen’s Coffee Brandy (Maine’s favorite cheap & delicious liquor!)

icon-toasted-coconut Toasted Coconut with Coconut Milk Glaze

Dark Chocolate Maine Potato Donuts Flavors

icon-pure-vanilla-glaze  Pure Vanilla Glaze

icon-sea-salt  Sea Salt (our most popular flavor!)

icon-cinnamon-sugar  Cinnamon Sugar

icon-toasted-coconut Toasted Coconut and Coconut Milk Glaze

Sweet Potato Donuts (with real roasted sweet potato and Maine potato in the dough)

Ginger Sugared  Ginger Sugared

Ginger Glazed  Ginger Glazed

Vegan Maine Potato Donuts

icon-cinnamon-sugar Cinnamon Sugar

Fresh Berry Glazed  Fresh Berry Glazed (this glaze rotates often and is subject to change daily)

Gluten Free Maine Potato Donuts

Cinnamon Sugar Cinnamon Sugar

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Glazed  Glazed

Filled Donuts

The Holy Cannoli! The Holy Cannoli! (our version of a cannoli in donut form, usually with a ginger glaze and a ricotta filling)

Maine Blueberry Filled  Maine Blueberry Filled (changes seasonally)

Bacon Cheddar Filled  Bacon Cheddar Filled (Another popular choice, very indulgent and addictive!)

Donut Cakes

The Holy Donut CAKE pyramid is offered in Plain, Chocolate and Vegan Flavors with either Vanilla or Mocha Glaze. Want some flair? Order it with Sprinkles! We also offer a Gluten-Free Cake in Plain or Chocolate with the option of Vanilla or Mocha Glaze. Become the office hero by pre-ordering 1 or 2 cakes to bring in for your next company meeting!