Maine POTATO donuts* with:
pure vanilla glaze
fresh lemon (hand squeezed and zested lemon)
real mojito (fresh mint and zested lime)
Allen's coffee Brandy (Maine's most favorite cheap & delicious liquor!)
toasted coconut and a coconut milk glaze
Dark CHOCOLATE Maine potato donuts* with...
pure vanilla glazerackedstacked
sea salt (our most popular!)
cinnamon sugar
toasted coconut and coconut milk glaze
SWEET potato donuts* (with real roasted sweet potato and Maine potato in the dough):
ginger sugared
ginger glazed
VEGAN Maine potato donuts*
cinnamon sugared
fresh berry glazed (this glaze rotates often and is subject to change daily)
GLUTEN FREE Maine potato donuts*
cinnamon sugared
dark chocolate sea salt
glazed (rotates daily, usually something like maple, lemon, coconut)
FILLED donuts*
The Holy Cannoli! (our version of a cannoli in donut form, usually with a ginger glaze and a ricotta filling)
Maine Blueberry Filled (changes seasonally)

BACON-CHEDDAR filled. (Another popular one, very indulgent and addictive)


*Flavors Rotate Daily.  Approximately 16 Choices start each day and then the LOVING begins with "best selection" before Noon...then, each store closes when the last donut is sold daily!