As of March 2016 we are now supporting just ONE organization in Portland with our donation dollars.

We are no longer accepting requests for donations of gift cards or financial sponsorship. We feel that we can do more good in the community if we maximize our dollars and give as much as we can to ONE organization rather than smaller amounts to several organizations. If you would like us to consider you as our 2018 donation recipient, please let us know on our Contact Us page.

We WILL still take requests for any donuts we have leftover each day if your organization would like to pick up for any event you may be having! Please email to request our leftover donuts.

This year we chose the Portland Wheelers as our donation recipient.

The Portland Wheelers are people in Greater Portland who want to give the gift of bicycling – or adaptive tricycling – to people who, until now, could only dream about going for a ride. They are a new nonprofit with a Board of Directors, a Council of Community Advisors, and scores of volunteers and donors who support their mission.

They are making it possible for those living with disability, debility, or dementia — young and old alike — to get outdoors, enjoy the sun on their face, the wind in their hair, and connect with the larger community – all while having a whole lot of fun.

They are a young, growing, volunteer-based organization. They are looking for enthusiasm and expertise and always need pilots to pedal and volunteer help of every kind.