Our delicious donut flavors rotate, with approximately 20 options available to choose from at the start of each day. For the best donut flavor selection please visit us before noon.

Each store closes daily when the last donut is sold, so please plan your visit accordingly to avoid disappointment.


**We do not use nuts or soy in our donuts. However, the streusel we use for our Coffee Cake donut is made in a facility that does. We also use a natural extract for our Maple glaze, while it does not contain these ingredients it is processed on shared equipment.
**We offer gluten free donuts, but we are not a certified gluten free facility! We do our best to keep gf ingredients separate and we do prep and cook with separate gf designated equipment. But eat at your own risk.
**Our vegan donuts have no animal products in the dough but are cooked in shared oil as all other donuts.
**Our Chocolate Dough does include chocolate chips which contain Soy Lecithin


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Sweet Potato Donuts (with real roasted sweet potato and Maine potato in the dough)

Ginger Sugared  Ginger Sugared

Ginger Glazed  Ginger Glazed

Seasonal Donuts

Maine Blueberry FilledBlueberry with Blueberry Glaze

Maine Blueberry FilledBlueberry with Lemon Glaze – Summer

icon-chai-glazedChai Glazed – Winter

icon-toasted-coconut Apple – Fall

Flavorite Four Winner – Honey Lavender – Summer  Flavorite Four Winner – Honey Lavender – Summer

Donut Cakes

The Holy Donut CAKE pyramid is offered in Plain, Chocolate, Vegan, sweet potato or gluten free donuts with one glaze of your choice. Want some flair? Order it with Sprinkles! Become the office hero by pre-ordering 1 or 2 cakes to bring in for your next company meeting! Please call the office 207-761-7775 for more information.