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36 Hours in Portland – New York Times

With its cobblestone lanes and photogenic harbor, Portland’s Old Port district has long been a draw for travelers seeking a quick dose of urban New England charm before moving on to Maine’s more bucolic pleasures. […]

Donut Diaries: Chapter 1

The Donut Diaries - Chapter 1: The Dream

Bon Appetit Write Up

Forget Cake vs. Yeast, Potato Doughnuts Are the Greatest Do you find the chewy denseness of the cake doughnut totally irresistible? Or are you a devotee of the light and fluffy yeast doughnut? […]

Write-Up in Elle Magazine

Four years ago, after she began selling potato-based doughnuts out of her apartment, Kellis decided to start a business. Smart move: between her two shops, she now produces around 5,000 […]

Write-Up in The Boston Globe

PORTLAND, Maine — “I’ll give you $100 if you can find me two more doughnuts,” an older gentleman calls out as he and his wife march past the A-frame sidewalk sign reading “sold out,” and [...]

The 21 Best Donut Shops in America

Ahhh, donuts. Before Wheaties and “doctors”, they truly were the breakfast of champions. And now, thanks to a resurgence of independent shops opening across the country, the fried yeasty sugar bomb is back en vogue. [...]